Holy Cross Parish Awarded Grant

In January 2022 the Philadelphia Water Department (PWD) awarded Holy Cross Parish a Stormwater Management Improvement Grant (SMIP) in the amount of $464,231!  This grant award will fund improvements to manage the stormwater runoff from the buildings and hard surfaces of the Holy Cross Campus

A little History about our Grant Award

This journey begins in 2018 with the award of another grant from the Community Design Collaborative (CDC) of Philadelphia to Holy Cross.  In 2019 we conducted 3 meetings to gather input from over 40 members and neighbors of Holy Cross along with Holy Cross school students, teachers and staff from Independent Mission Schools (IMS).  In 2020, our CDC design team completed the conceptual design plan for the Holy Cross Campus entitled “Conceptual Design for a Campus Sustainability Master Plan”.

One of the many improvements conceptualized in the sustainability master plan was the design of stormwater management projects with the following goals:

  • Maximize our stormwater capture onsite to benefit our natural environment and help to relieve current area flooding conditions
  • Decrease our stormwater management charges by up to 80%. (Current charges = $933/Month)
  • Improve and increase our campus green space for the benefit and beauty of the community and the school children
  • Provide ongoing education and a living classroom to the school children and community on the benefits of Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI)
  • Provide the impetus and support for future improvements to the Holy Cross Campus

Going Forward with the PWD Grant

The grant requires meeting ongoing levels of performance and deadlines.  Holy Cross parishioner Tom Halliwell wrote the grant application for Holy Cross in September of 2021.  Tom will be both grant manager and project manager for Holy Cross.  We still have hoops to jump and deadlines to make as we meet the requirements of the grant.  Preliminary testing and site engineering and landscape planning will continue through 2022 and our projected schedule for construction to begin is June 2023.

With the exception of multiple rain gardens most of the final construction will be underground drainage beds and piping.

Our grant writing team at Holy Cross is dedicated to finding grant money which will minimize the overall project costs to Holy Cross in the future.  Congratulations to all who participated in and supported the planning process and we look forward to your involvement as we move forward.


Prepared by: Steve Monheim on 02/08/2022

COVID Mask Mandate & Philadelphia Churches


The celebration of the Sacred Liturgy—the praise and worship of God by his people—is the greatest work
of the Church carried out in all the parishes and institutions throughout the Archdiocese. At the same time,
it is important that reasonable measures are observed on the part of all to mitigate continually the spread
of COVID-19.
  • As already widely communicated , the obligation to attend Sunday and Holy Day Mass in person
    is restored effective this Sunday, August 15, 2021. Those who are sick, have a health risk, or are a
    primary caregiver, are excused from this obligation.
  • The celebration of Holy Mass and all the Sacraments are to be carried out according to what is
    described in the liturgical books. For Mass, however, in all circumstances:

    • The Invitation and the use of the Sign of Peace continue to be suspended until further
      notice. Alternate signs of peace should not be arbitrarily introduced.
    • The distribution of the Precious Blood continues to be suspended until further notice.
    • Priest concelebrants and assisting deacons receive the Blood of Christ typically by
      intinction until further notice.
  • For the parishes and institutions in the City of Philadelphia, the August 12, 2021, Mask Mandate for
    the City of Philadelphia applies in the following ways:

    • People are strongly encouraged to wear a face covering/mask, whether vaccinated or not,
      in the body of the church. There are to be no vaccination check points and congregants
      will not be asked to provide proof of vaccination.
    • The priest, deacon, and liturgical ministers are not to wear a face covering or mask in the
    • If a face covering or mask is worn, it is to be removed before the reception of the Body of
      Christ at the Communion of the Mass.
Thank you so very much for your generous assistance in observing these directives. If you have any
questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at fr.dgill@archphila.org.
In Christ,
Father Dennis Gill
Director, Office for Divine Worship

Click for original letter from Archdiocese: Coronavirus-Mask-Mandate-and-Philadelphia-Churches-Aug.-13

Parish Mission, Vision & Strategic Plan

Parish Mission Statement

We are Courageous in empowering change,
Compassionate in valuing people, and
Catholic in the way we seek to go in love as Jesus does.
Come as you are.  All are welcome.

Vision Statement

An Engaged Community that Radiates the Abundant Love of God!

Both the Mission and Vision Statements serve as a guide and focus from which all strategic goals and objectives in this document are derived.

Click here to view: Holy Cross Parish – Strategic Plan Synopsis

Jhoselyn’s Story

Jhoselyn Correa Needs Your Help

ANGELS AMONG US:  I met Narci and her spirited daughter, Jhoselyn, in November 2020 one Sunday morning at 8:30am outside Holy Cross Parish as they waited for Mass to begin. With smiling eyes (since our faces were covered by masks due to COVID-19 precautions), Narci introduced herself and quickly inquired about receiving sacraments for her eight year old. Narci and Jhoselyn, devout Catholics here from Ecuador, have found a home-away-from-home at Holy Cross as they await surgery for Jhoselyn’s congenital orthopedic malformations. They both attend weekly Bible Study for Kids with Mrs. Barbara Purnell, participated in our Advent Program, and are currently working closely with Darin Williams to ensure that Jhoselyn can receive her First Penance (Feb 27th) and First Communion (Feb 28th) prior to her pending surgery, scheduled on March 3rd. As of January, 27th, the Correa family was in need of just over $10,000, according to a GoFundMe account setup on their behalf, to help cover their medical and living expenses. To learn more about this beautiful family and their inspiring story, please refer to the article below. To donate, visit gofundme.com/f/a-better-life-for-jhoselyn-abigail. Contact Veronica Alvarado for more information at holycrossdev140@gmail.com.

Read her complete story here, and follow the link to her Gofundme page.