Parish Pastoral Council

The purpose of the Parish Pastoral Council is to foster full participation of the entire parish in the life and mission of the parish and of the Universal Church.

The function of the Pastoral Council is to advise the Pastor in pastoral matters including

  • developing a pastoral plan,
  • recommending policies, procedures, and programs to assist in the implementation of the mission statement and the parish pastoral plan,
  • reviewing and evaluating the effectiveness of existing programs, and
  • serving as a connection to other parish ministries.

The Pastoral Council meets on the first Tuesday of every month at 7:00PM. The following are bullet points from the February 6, 2024, meeting:

  • Members cited areas of the Strategic Plan which have already been accomplished or are actively engaged in, such as faith formation and enrichment of our worship life (retreats, prayer group, First Friday adoration, Kids Bible Study, ministry opportunities, upcoming Lenten soup and word gatherings); cultivating a climate of hospitality (Hospitality Weekends, church picnic, listening sessions); and optimizing use of our facilities (renovating the community room). Fr. Grogan asked PPC members to continue to revisit the Strategic Plan developed 2+ years ago and recommend areas for specific attention. We need to dig deeper into potential plans for action. What might these look like?
  • To sustain continuity and maintain experienced leadership, members shared results of their reaching out to parishioners as possible new members of the PPC. The goal is to have a balanced council that is representative of the church community. The PPC will be adding new members with a plan for our next election in October 2024. More details to come on the process of nominations.
  • Lenten activities planned by Sr. Ruthann and others include a presentation from Face-to-Face (February 24/25) and Wednesday Soup and Word nights. Fr. Grogan asked the Council to give some thought to other ways we can practice the corporal works of mercy.

    If you have any questions or would like to make any suggestions, please feel free to contact the Parish Pastoral Council at Names and emails for individual members are listed on the website. There is a bulletin board at the entrance to the church with pictures of PPC members. Feel free to contact any of us. There is also a suggestion/comment box for your use.

We Asked & You Answered: DATA SYTHESIS
The Pastoral Council asked for feedback, and you shared your thoughts and ideas with us. Here’s what we heard and the steps we plan to take serve our parish and community.

PPC Letter on April 16, 2023    ~    2023 Data Synthesis

May 1 Brainstorming Session (Calendar Ideas) with Zoom Link (Meeting Notes)

May 8 Brainstorming Session (Community Partnership) with Zoom Link (Meeting Notes)

May 15 Brainstorming Session (Welcoming Committee) with Zoom Link (Meeting Notes

May 22 Brainstorming Session (Youth Ministry) with Zoom Link (Meeting Notes)

Meet the Pastoral Council Members that Serve Our Parish

Allegra Clarke

Stephanie Coleman
William Faust

Evangelina (Anji) Johnson
 Rosemarie LaFollette
 Ruhamah (R.T.) Mail
Patricia Scott
(Finance Council Liaison)
 Olivia Sharkey
(Council Co-Chair)
 Susan Tobia
(Council Secretary)

For additional information, please email: