Thanks to those who were able to come to talk about
getting more parishioners involved in our parish’s responsibility to keep our home-bound and elderly connected, to support those experiencing death or any great loss, to deepen our children’s and our own faith, and to prepare our facilities for the changes that come with merging.  These good people will “light one candle”, from which others of us can light ours.  Facilities maintenance and organizing building spaces, getting an updated list of those who wish visitors/Holy Communion, forming a resource for those mourning, building up our youth religious education programs, and meeting the desires of adults to learn more and deepen their faith were discussed.  Please consider joining one of these ministry teams so the “single seed” can grow into our parish “vine and branches”… Call Angela Taylor, Director of Parish Services and MINISTRIES at 215-438-2921  or  to give your name, phone, email address and specific area of interest.  You will be contacted later in each week.
As you will hear, the third weekend of each month, we will be expanding our SOCIAL GATHERINGS to all the Masses.  Please contact the persons listed for each Mass if you would like to contribute some refreshment, and plan on making the third weekend Mass each month your opportunity to meet some of the great people with whom you worship each week.  The few extra minutes will go a long way toward making us a real faith community of people who know and care about each other.
We still need GREETERS at some of the Masses.  Please call Angela Taylor with your contact info.  Thanks to her for doing all the schedules for lectors, Eucharistic ministers, greeters/ushers which are sent by email or can be picked up in the front entrance of the church.  Thanks, too, to the team who keep our church decorated with plants and flowers and who clean!