Synod 2023: Holy Cross Listening Sessions

Synod 2023: Listening Sessions

During Synod 2023, Pope Francis would love to hear from all generations on significant questions from your personal experience of Church. Why? Your voice matters!

Adult parishioners can sign up for the in person listening sessions this week-end after the Masses. If you prefer the virtual sessions, please check the parish website and register online. Invite family, friends, and/or neighbors – “in or out” of the Church to take part in this historic event! Local OR Regional Meetings are listed on the parish website.

Young Professionals and College Students: Check the Holy Cross Parish website for the dates to register for a Regional Meeting. You’ll also meet others who also have a word to share on the Church!

High School students are invited to participate in the conversation online also. The Holy Cross Parish virtual listening session is listed on the website for Sunday, April 3rd. Register on the parish website! Invite a friend to join you!

Reflection questions for the listening sessions:

 Topic 1: Joys and Concerns about the Church from the people of God

  • What fills you with joy about the Church?
  • What concerns do you have about the Church?

 Topic 2: Listening Aspect of the Church

  • Do you feel the Church encourages you to speak up? Do you feel the Church listens to you or hears what you are saying?
  • How can the Church create greater opportunities for people to be heard?

 Topic 3: Accompaniment/Journey

  • How can the Church help you and others to grow in your relationship with Jesus and your relationship with the Church?
  • What can the Church do to support people on their faith journeys?


Listening Sessions Takeaways are here.

Disciple Makers Survey: Meet the Deadline!

 Have you completed the online Parish Survey? It only takes five (5) minutes to give your feedback on important questions regarding your experience at Holy Cross. You can find the survey link easily on Holy Cross website.

Your responses will help plan future parish events and programs! Deadline: April 4th

The goal is listening to where the Holy Spirit is calling the church.”