Why I Give to Holy Cross Parish

Holy Cross Parish is one big family. It has many smaller families within its body, and each of the family members brings unique attributes, interests, and talents. Each member is different from another; each family is different from another; but we are all one family. I feel that closeness when I enter the church for Mass on the weekends or weekdays or for Hospitality Sunday or for other events like our annual picnic. I feel joy on those occasions and a desire to celebrate. I have found a home here at Holy Cross.

When three churches came together as one parish, it was hard to give up the church I was a part of for so many years. But it did not take long to understand that this change brought more benefits than I could have imagined: new friends, new gifts, new ministries, new opportunities.

I feel protective of our church, and I have a deep desire to see it thrive. I know that thriving includes the spiritual blessings we all receive, but it also depends on the material contributions we make in the weekly collections and during the annual appeal. That is why I am compelled to give, and in giving I receive so much more.

Susan Tobia

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Dear Holy Cross Parish,

I have been a Holy Cross Parishioner since 2009 when we relocated from upstate New York. As I reflected on why I give to Holy Cross each year, it always comes down to one line in Holy Cross’ mission: “Compassionate in valuing people…”

Every time I walk through the doors to attend Mass, every social event in which I get to interact with many of you, and every church gathering I participate in, I always feel treated with compassion. I’m consistently greeted by name and greeted with a smile. My kids are also greeted with great positivity, genuine interest, and warmth. When times have been tough, I have felt the air radiated with that “Abundant Love of God” (also from the Holy Cross mission statement) thanks to fellow parishioners. It is not just words or lip service; it is lived. I have felt this “Abundant Love of God” from either a gentle embrace, a prayer said for my family or from someone checking in on me. All these small things add up to an abundance of compassion.

I hope that my donation and yours too can help grow this abundance of compassion for current and future parishioners. Join me in supporting the Holy Cross Annual Appeal.

Thomas Heverin

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