The Holy Cross Social Justice Committee (HC-SJC) vision is to be a vehicle through which parishioners can take the Word of God and bring it to life through the action of serving the Jesus in others. Over the past year through the dedicated compassion and commitment of its members, the HC-SJC has made great strides in making that vision a reality for the benefit of our brothers and sisters in Christ.
The HC-SJC has focused on urgent and timely issues facing our community, as well as longer more systemic issues in need of attention. Through their efforts (an estimated 1200 hours of dedicated time), they have:
  • Collected supplies and donations to help young expectant mothers as well as child-victims of human-trafficking in Philadelphia  – helped serve hot meals to over 360 homeless men, women, and children in the Philadelphia area
  •  Packed meals that will sustain 23 children for one full year from across the globe suffering from malnutrition
  • Attended dozens of demonstrations, marches, town meetings, workshops, seminars, webinars, all on the topics of protecting civil rights, preserving the earth, and helping the disenfranchised (immigrants, refugees, asylum seekers, victims of human trafficking, and those in prison)
  • Written letters and called political leaders, as well as educated themselves on the best ways to impact political change
Moving forward, the HC-SJC looks forward to further spreading the spirit of serving the Jesus in others across the church congregation and the community.

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United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Migration and Refugee Services

Migration Policy and Public Affairs Issue Briefing Series #1


August 24th, Friday: Feed the Homeless in Philadelphia
 Chosen 300 Ministries 
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October 26th, Friday: Feed the Homeless in Philadelphia