Duties of Service Ministries


  • Conduct outreach to One Warm Coat organizers in September of each year
  • Coordinate with St. Vincent Society, Salvation Army, Career Wardrobe, other Thrift stores
  • Create a referral process / voucher so persons needing clothes can access them


  • Develop list of volunteer parishioners with trades skills such as maintenance, landscape, design
  • Work with pastor to develop a schedule for facility items needing immediate care
  • Assist in preparing the properties for sale, distribution and relocation of items


  • The Flower Committee meets Saturdays at 9 a.m.
  • Plan the flower arrangement themes, purchase flowers, create flower arrangements
  • Upkeep planters at front and side entrances to church
  • Straighten out books in pews and change votive lights (small and large)
  • Clean bathroom


  • Maintain a well-stocked food pantry according to state and local health department requirements
  • Prepare and distribute a week’s worth of groceries to persons / households needing food
  • Advertise the existence of the Holy Cross Food Pantry, including hours and location


  • The Ladies Guild meets the second Monday of the month at 6:15 pm at the rectory.
  • Encourage all women of the parish to join the Ladies Guild as dues paying ($5.00) active members
  • Brainstorm and execute events that raise monies for parish needs, grow the faithful, and create fellowship opportunities for all parishioners


  • The Men’s Association meets the 4th Sunday of the month after the 11:00 Mass in the Holy Cross Church library.
  • Raise funds and contribute time for special projects such as the ramp for accessibility to the church and the painting of the Holy Cross school classrooms
  • Through a variety of activities and events, endeavor to bring our community together, to grow our presence in Mount Airy and serve those in need


  • Develop list of those parishioners needing a ride to the Masses
  • Develop list of those parishioners offering to provide a ride
  • Organize ride shares for each weekend Mass and holy days of obligation


  • Consult with school personnel to assess tutoring needs
  • Recruit volunteers for requested subjects
  • Develop tutoring schedule during school year